Silver to Out Perform Gold in 2017

Gold has long been one of the world’s most valuable commodities, easily surpassing silver year after year but many believe that these long accepted performance values will shift and silver will soon outperform Gold upcoming in 2017.

While gold’s value does consistently climb with minor setbacks, it is the rate at which silver is increasing overall in the 20th century that has analyst predicting a better return on the typically under appreciated metal.

Gold has a great reputation for reliability even when the precious metal has taken dives in the past few years. It’s overall considerably less volatile than silver, in part due to the large volume in which gold is traded at as opposed to silver which is usually traded in much smaller amounts. Silver can be so that the volatility can be 2 to 3 times that of gold.

The gold to silver ratio currently is stabilizing and some analysts believe the supply and demand of the precious metals will send silver surging. Gold has consistently held a 50% greater demand than supply for the past decade and doesn’t seem to be changing drastically any time soon. Silver, on the other hand, is predicted to have an increase in demand with a plummeting supply.

While the industrial fabrication market makes up about 50% of the silver demand, jewelry is also a leading consumer market of the commodity and both are expected to rise at least slightly in 2017. Silver supply has been steady in increases for the past few years but is expected to hit a deficit in 2017 with miners becoming much more conservative. Silver deficits may hit 132 million ounces in the upcoming year and with such large markets demanding the precious metal, forecasters predict this alone could send silver soaring.

The rise in the solar PV industry, especially in China also are predicted to send silver values on the rise, especially with the industry’s inability to reduce the use of silver in manufacturing. Global photographic demands should see an increase as well, which will push silver upcoming throughout 2017.

The owners of Durham Precious Metals in Bowmanville On believe that industrial demand will also be a deciding factor in the near futures. Tom explains that you can game a paper system but you cannot game the real costs of acquisition of the metal and therefore the bottom is in!

Here is a link to their gold page and silver page.

With the changes in supply and demand for silver in conjunction with the solid increasing performance of the precious metal throughout the entire 20th century, it is safe to say silver will be increasing in value in 2017. These great changes in silver in contrast to the overall unchanged supply and demand of gold could result in silver finally moving past the yellow standard in 2017. Analysts suggest keeping a close eye on the market and anticipating great change.

Personally, I am backing up the truck the next time my budget allows!

Education Solutions

It’s been quite some time since I had a good rant here, so I feel like I’m a bit overdue.  On that note, I’d like to share with you the biggest frustration about my job.

One of the things we do for clients is to create the content that provokes, educates and leverage sales efforts.  Over the last three weeks I’ve been involved in about 12 content interviews we conduct to keep the voice of our client.  With a couple of exceptions, the only word I can use to describe what was shared is “Boring!”

The most frustrating part of my job is when I’m more excited about your company, your products, services and your impact than you are.  I don’t know what it is, but the way 98%+ of companies talk about themselves is just boring.  Maybe it’s because our parents told us that bragging about ourselves is rude.  Maybe it’s because we’re so focused in trying to get people to understand the importance of what we do that we can’t help but “blah, blah, blah” our way to oblivion.  Whatever the reason, it’s ineffective, it’s killing your company and it needs to stop!  Now!

We work with a client (who’s name and details I will protect here) who does some amazing things.  Their product is truly disruptive and yet extraordinarily simple.  Their solution can materially and permanently reduce the cost of manufacturing, increase efficiencies, virtually eliminate rejection rates and shorten production cycles.  What’s more it can be implemented in days, requires little training and no change or retrofitting for their customers manufacturing process.

Yet, how did my client talk about themselves?  They talked about their process.  They talked about the technical details.  They were (and still are to some degree) reasonable that a manufacturing process is complex, and the credited their prospects with the knowledge and understanding to allow them to translate their features and benefits into meaningful results.

The important thing to remember is that your prospects and customers don’t have time to think.  They’re too busy trying to keep up with the multitude of demands, the simply do not have the attention span to connect what you do to even the most obvious of points.  If you talk about yourself like a commodity, you are going to be treated like one.

The solution is to stop talking about your features and benefits – features and benefits are dead.  You need to speak the language of results.  Lead with impact.  No start with what you think makes you unique, finish with it.

  • Be bold.
  • Share you experience – help them understand why they’re failing to get the results they desire.
  • Take charge.  Remember, your job is to challenge your customers.

We work hard to get to essence of what makes our client’s companies special, while standing out from competition and resonating with clients.  In an effort to help end the boredom, I’d like to share our approach with you.  If you’d like to access The Five Tips to Stand Out & Resonate With Your Market, along with an accompanying worksheet, you can download it here.